Monday, September 3, 2012

Wherefore art thou?


I've been in absentia for a while...I bet you didn't even miss me!

Here are some photos to catch you up on our goings on.


 Baby Allegra's Quilt is finished and delivered in all it's pink pinky pink glory!

 One of the blocks for Quilt Around The World II, a flower for Beth that I did on Big Bernie by threading the bobbin with Perle 8 thread!! Isn't that marvelous! I That machine is the bestest thing ever! The girls from Tauranga Bernina with their wonderous classes are the only reason I know that it could do it though as the manual is only to be read when something goes wrong, obviously.

House Progress:

 Poles ready to go in for next retaining wall

 Father in Law inspects the drilling thingamy.

Poles are in
 And so came the great storm, 
that filled in all the holes with topsoil 
and so it was, that we have to dig 
the bloody holes all over again!

Great Grandma got a new puppy. Huge hit with the lads!

 I was slightly put off after seeing it eat it's own poo! (eww!) 
But apparently this is quite normal! (double eww!)

That is all.