Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When you wish you'd just handed over the money.

Some of the girls, namely Kath, Lisa , Sniff and myself, along with the lovely Mr. Charlie, took a lovely road trip on Friday just gone to the Mornington Peninsula to frequent a fantastic event called Christmas at the Studio.

Great hilarity ensued on the journey there, so much so that we were told, "Be quiet, please, I can't hear my movie!" from the smallest traveller, even with headphones on head!

There were lots of lovely things to buy.

There was lovely food and drink to buy too! 
And balloons!!!

One lovely thing to buy was a Handmade Advent Calendar. 
It was $75. 
"Too much!", says I, when I can easily whip a couple up myself!!

I went to task on my project that very night. 
By the next day I was about ready to stab myself in the eye. 
What a bloody faff! 
Cutting out all those ruddy numbers, pulling off all the iron-on sticky paper, pressing them onto all the pockets then sewing around the little buggers almost did my head in. 

So this is it. 
They're getting one calendar and I'm putting two chocs in each pocket!

Next time I shall be mindful of how long "handmade" actually takes. 
And fork over the money!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A certain 5 year old.

Well, the little man has turned 5 after what seemed like months of waiting! 

The birthday celebrations went on for 2 weeks, as he had a big party with a friend 2 weeks before the actual event, for all the kinder buddies.

Check out those Cake Pops!!!

Then came the actual day...Halloween! 
There was trick or treating...

 ...at spooky looking abodes....

...well, actually, only our abode looked spooky...

and a second cake this time, one for the actual day, which was just as much fun!

Our little boy is five. But he still gives us a cuddle in bed in the mornings, and lots throughout the day too, just like his big brother. That's my favorite part of being a Mum.