Saturday, July 18, 2009


The Kinder quilt is finally finished! I am so happy with it, I'm tempted to buy it myself! Sadly, big daddy has put his foot down so some other lucky bidder at the Trivia Night may walk away with it. I might have to ply him with lots of alcohol to get my way! 

After a lot of deliberation as to how much more work it would be, I decided to free-motion quilt around the kid's drawings. I'm so glad I did. They were looking a bit bereft as I'd ditch quilted (or tried to keep to the ditch as much as I could, anyway!) the pieced log-cabin borders.

Here is Dom's block - he drew himself in a Rainbow t-shirt. He was a rainbow butterfly at the dress-up day last year, so this seems to be a bit of a recurring theme!
I love the back - I had orange in mind for the sashing but when I went to Patchwork House, Kathy and I decided that the stripes made everything pop a bit more so I decided to use this gorgeousness from the Shanghai Edition Collection by art gallery quilts for the back instead. I bound it in a cute green shaded fabric called Chloe by Janet Braxon for P and B Textiles that reminds me of Murano glass beads.

I took it in on Thursday and the kids were major-ly excited to find themselves  on there. I encouraged them to insist forcefully (in a 4 yr old manner) that their parents buy it for them, so no one will be thanking me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

little people

Lots of little people are featured on the Kinder quilt I have been working on for the last couple of days! Quilts from each group get auctioned off at the trivia night on August 1st.

I got the 25 strong Frog posse to draw themselves with fabric pens and pieced a kind of scrappy log cabin around each drawing. It's sashed in black and white stripes and backed in orange. I pieced some of the fabrics from the front onto the back too.

I'm quilting it at the moment. Kids are home from activities due to more coughs and colds - will they never end??? Poor old Dom sounds like he's been on 20 a day for 50 years! I mean, it's the first day back from the hols and we're at home AGAIN! 

Still, a little outing later on to post the latest ATWQB block to Glaucia in Brazil. These are the latest offerings. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I haven't written this in ages - who knows if anyone reads it, but I don't care!

First things first, just watched the Michael Jackson memorial, weeping periodically throughout at how human the people who loved him made him seem to me. Especially Brooke Shields, who must have known how hard life was for him in many ways that others wouldn't have known. 

I love his music, especially the early Motown stuff, Off the Wall, Bad, Thriller and a few songs from when he started to look REALLY weird -as opposed to pretty weird. My favourite songs are Black or WhiteThe Way You Make Me FeelMan In the MirrorShe's Out of My Life and Human Nature.

I remember watching the Motown 25 celebration on TV when I was at University - all the old greats that I love were on - Diana, the Four Tops, The Temptations, Martha and the Vandellas - and then Michael came out with his brothers, did a fantastic medley of their best songs, and then performed Billie Jean with that hat and the moonwalk. Thank God I recorded it and got to watch it over and over 'til the tape was knackered.

I saw him in concert for the HIStory tour in NZ back in the day. Still the best concert I've ever been to. He was simply electrifying.

He made some horrendous decisions sometimes and we'll never know what really went on but he had three little children that he loved and they loved him. He was their Dad and that's the bottom line really - all the rest is just static.

To paraphrase Pip from meetmeatmikes, RIP Michael Jackson, talented, fragile nutter. Thanks for being the backing vocalist in so many of my memories. X