Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Staying at home - love it or hate it...?

I am home today with little Charlie who is running high temps - possibly an ear infection, but am getting that checked this afternoon. Poor little blighter is rugged up on the couch under his Lightning McQueen blanket, with his "dody and snugs" watching Toy Story for the gazillionth time! And although I don't wish him to be feeling bad, I LOVE sick days at home! I get to catch up with all the housework and do loads of quilting and the blog as well.

Just completed my addition to the first starter block I received for the Around the World Quilting bee. Had a inspiring moment when I saw the block and decided to pay homage to Kellie's flower garden pillow and used the Moda Layer Cake Soiree fabrics leftover from the Coin quilt I've almost completed, which matched perfectly as fate would have it! Here it is with Anita's starter block.
I've suddenly got my embroidery mojo back! I haven't done any since 2001 when we lived on Borneo. Of course, it's all guns blazing when I get into a craft, so had loads of embroidery threads at my disposal.
I'm doing Kellie's course (hopefully) at Patchwork House in August and am so looking forward to it!
I think I'll make the beak smaller and higher next time. 
But I'm really pleased with it overall and love how it looks with the starter.

Have also been working on Charlie's Town and Country quilt. Think I may be overdoing the white stitching so will finish it this weekend while we are at the cottage for Jason's golf weekend in Ocean grove, and unpick if necessary. 


  1. I love love love this block! You mentioned a next time, so does that mean that others in the swap will get this amazing block too? :)

  2. A couple of the others have mentioned that! Of course, feel free to put an order in!!!

  3. Beautiful work, especially love the embroidery!



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