Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm back!

I've been neglecting the blog lately - not the reading of other people's but the writing of said blog.

 It gives me the snake eye every time I open it to read the blog -a- rama list and pulsates "September 11th" at me to remind me that I am woefully neglectful. It had to be September the 11th didn't it?! A double whammy.

What have I been doing with my sad self?

Apart from the usual plethora of house-ey jobs that I hate -  tidying up kids stuff, making beds, doing dishes, cooking (well, actually, I quite like cooking) etc, etc....


Around the World Quilting Bee - latest offerings

Bags a-plenty for the shop...go check them out at de nimes in Camberwell! The girls are great and have fabulous taste in everything, including bags!

Little girl's dresses
This one is for Daisy grace - found the fabric at Amitie, had to be done.

I've also been making Goggle / Sunglasses cases and swimming bags for the boys. Photos to come!



  1. Wow you have been busy!! I love the house block, that background is awesome!

  2. What about your evening entertainments at dodgy clubs!!????

  3. Hi,
    Thought is would pop over and say hello. I love the blocks here for the quilting bee. you certainly seem able to cut and sew very quickly to produce so much. Really like the bags, hope you can sell lots of them. It will be fun for you to seem someone else walking around with one of your creations.


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