Monday, January 25, 2010

Summer holidays

It's nearly over - only one more week before I officially have 1 at school and 1 at kinder. We've made the most of our holidays - I've even got a bit of sewing done but only in the last few days as it was all about the littlies!!

Pre- Christmas we did lots of beaching and took a trip to Ballarat to get the Mustang renovated. Sovereign Hill, a historic gold rush town that has been re-created, complete with settlers in costume is in Ballarat, so we took the kids. We all had a great time! I thought it might be a bit old for them but they were well into it all, chatting to the old ladies in the cottages, having photos with the soldiers and panning for gold with all the proper tourists!

With Christmas and the present deluge over, we went camping on Boxing day to Wilson's Promontory. We went in the ballot back in June and luckily got allocated a spot for a week. Good times! Swimming, sand sculpting, playing games, not TV for a week (apart from when it got too hot one day and Mummy got so flustered that her very cool in a hot situation husband had to take her for a ride in the car with the air conditioning turned on full blast and feed her ice cream - the kids got to watch a DVD in the car)

Came back a day early on New Years Day - my birthday! I got a gorgeous Candy Apple Red KitchenAid mixer. Love at first sight!! So shiny that I waited 3 weeks to dirty her. Christened with a batch of Chocolate Afghans. They were inhaled hurriedly!

Two weeks of more beaching, Museum visits (Scienceworks was a huge hit, as usual) mooching with mates, etc.

Now we're down in the Mornington Peninsula at Balnarring Beach for  2 weeks in a beach house we've rented.

Time has flown by. Soon it will be all about uniforms and packing lunchboxes.

I have to exercise more, eat less and get more sewing done!

(No photos till later as the connection here is slow and it takes forever to upload)

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