Monday, March 1, 2010

Tree hugger

So much for not starting anything else 'til I've finished the blue and red quilt I started almost 2 years ago! Here it lies, downtrodden and rejected, once again.

Moving swiftly onward!!! (she says brightly, trying to ignore the unsightly pile of fabric beside her!)

I was going to make a quilt for the Silent Auction at the French Fete that is the big fundraiser at Dom's school, and started it. I then fell a little bit in love with it and had thought of keeping it all to a wall hanging. My husband's reaction was less than complimentary to it's awesome-ness.

Picture, if you will the following short but succinct conversation...

" You're not going to put that bloody thing on the wall are you?!"
" Yes, I am! If I can put up with your bloody golf trophy for a year in the family room, then you can put up with my work of textile artistry!"

or words to that effect, anyway. You get my drift!

One of the other school mum's put it in my head to personalize it to the class, a la the kinder quilts, so I had a think and came up with this...

I'll keep posting photos of the progress made.

Kids are starving. Better go

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