Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fantastic Tan

No, not talkin' about some spray on thingummy. Talkin' 'bout "The Tan".

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Melbourne, "The Tan" is the quintessentially Aussie style nickname for The Botanical Gardens. It has a 5km walking/running/cycle track around it that is well used, to say the least.

Helpful that you're walking by beautiful gardens and the Yarra river. Plus there's a great cafe, a children's garden and a beautiful walk through to please the doutiest anti-gardener.

We went to a fabulous production by the Australian Shakespeare Company of Wind in the Willows by the lakeside there at the end of summer. Had a ball. We all ran around like banshees as part of the production and they even utilized the lake as part of it all. Sensational.

We oft go to the children's garden in the warmer holidays as they have a little trickily stream running through it and the kids wear their bathers and splash around for hours.

Went for a walk there yesterday with my three amigos. Much hilarity echoed thorough the foliage.

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