Sunday, November 13, 2011

A certain 5 year old.

Well, the little man has turned 5 after what seemed like months of waiting! 

The birthday celebrations went on for 2 weeks, as he had a big party with a friend 2 weeks before the actual event, for all the kinder buddies.

Check out those Cake Pops!!!

Then came the actual day...Halloween! 
There was trick or treating... spooky looking abodes....

...well, actually, only our abode looked spooky...

and a second cake this time, one for the actual day, which was just as much fun!

Our little boy is five. But he still gives us a cuddle in bed in the mornings, and lots throughout the day too, just like his big brother. That's my favorite part of being a Mum.


Lovely to know someone out there is actually reading this!
Go on!! You know you want to...!