Monday, August 3, 2009

My Creative Space and I need motivation!

I read lots of lovely blogs every day and often see "My Creative Space" entries...this is mine. It is a bit of a tip at the moment. It was even worse before the lovely cleaner came on Saturday and vacuumed up all the tiny bits of fabric, iron- on thingummy and thread. Raw edge applique does not lend itself very well to tidiness, I have discovered, well, not anywhere in my universe, anyway.

I am trying to get this finished for a little girl who's is a special family friend. It was her birthday yesterday but instead of finishing it I just sat around the house all day eating chocolate and watching movies with the kids! Well, to be honest, Dom played games on the computer in his pyjamas, Charlie watched TV and played with toys and I watched Baby Mama and a French movie called The Dinner Guest. I ate two whole packets of lollies! 
We went to the Kinder trivia night on Saturday night and had a great time, but I drank loads of Cosmopolitans. I had a great time but was really well behaved. Woke up Sunday morning, no hangover! No dry horrors! Bloody miracle! But I felt really lethargic all day and couldn't stop eating for the life of me. I knew there had to be payback somewhere! The quilt got sold. Could've done better. Enough said.

Today I have to get  going on this! And the Halloween blocks need doing and the Dolls quilt too. And Dom's Star Wars birthday invites. No more Cosmos for me.

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  1. Your work room looks a lot like mine. Isn't it great to have a work room! I love the kinder quilt. Especially the black and white striped framing around the pictures. I bet people were fighting over who would buy it. Blessings.


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