Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Talofa lava!

We've just returned from a 10 day family holiday in Samoa. 

We attended a friends wedding and had an all round fabulous time. I ate more fish than I thought possible, mostly Oka, but also lots of with Samoan Chop Suey and Taro cooked in coconut cream..Palusami. The food was delicious, the temperature in the high twenties to thirties, and the people, lovely.

Too many Pina Coladas have expanded my waistline, however. Back to the gym today and it was hard yakka!

Now I need to make a gift for the lovely couple who made us so welcome. Thank God the hols are nearly upon us and I can get down 'n dirty in the sewing room for a bit. I'm thinking of a quilt but am having a mental block with ideas. Any suggestions?!

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  1. Hi tanya your trip sounds wonderful. How about fish on your quilt. We are down in south of france quillan. The house backs onto the river aude and mike fishes there in the evening. Weather high twenties. Heading to the beach in Collioure today. Love to all. Ann & Mike xx


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