Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little boxes, little boxes...

Theme for the kinder quilt to be auctioned at the annual Trivia Night this year is Little Houses.

I have decided I have enough fabric (understatement of the year!!!) to make it without buying more, for once. Background of Kona Medium Grey (?) punctuated with a green Kaffe Fassett and Purple Echino for the border

 All the Frogs class drew themselves on white homespun from Spotlight. I added their name and a little roof to each one from a fabric in my scrap container (didn't even make a dent in the ruddy thing!)
 I then ironed the houses onto Fusible Web and cut around each one.
 Placement is not easy! I added a few little trees to the gaps that were evident. Nice Echino fabric with birds and bugs on it. There is Charlie's one by the bird, Big mop of curly blonde hair and Harry Potter glasses! Excellent!
Finally ironed each one into place, Now am ready to make backing, the quilt sandwich and raw-edge applique each house. Will be ready to display Monday, all going well!

Off the St Katherines for dinner tonight before HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little bit excited!!!!!!!

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