Monday, July 25, 2011

The weather that was...

Got lots of sewing done this weekend as have chesty cough and sound like I'm on 40 fags a day. Getting better...I'll be back at the gym tomorrow, hopefully, Tori!

Dr Seuss placemats for the lads. Have had them quilted for a few weeks now and they just needed binding.

 Little man getting a dose of Vitamin D on Friday. He wanted to stay home from his soccer lessons and look after me, bless his little heart!

Kinder Quilt finito! Praise be!! This one dragged a bit but I'm happy with the result.
Stoopid shadow!
Back (Thank you, Ikea!)

Look at our veges!!! Lots of leafy things, not much root veg action yet.

Three little boats for Annabel in The Beehive. Her little boy's "The Busy Sea at Night" Quilt is going to be very cute!

I'm back at the machine now, putting gorgeous Liberty binding on a pair of jeans. Much better than hemming!! And I know all about hemming being only 5 ' 1" !! Will post a pic later for those of you that don't have a clue what I'm banging on about.

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