Monday, March 5, 2012

Project update (and moan)

You may think I've been idling the days away preparing for the packers to sweep all our worldly goods into boxes while I wave around looking ethereal without a care in the world.

Let me tell you;
a) sorting out kids toys is a right royal pain in my a*se. Trying to hide the culled ones is an even bigger pain!

b) We still have 10 days of living in this house to go. A myriad of decisions as to whether to throw away the packet food now or wait just in case I need it to make some dish???

c) This office sewing area is still a nightmare that needs urgent attention. Of course, I am in denial and hope it will all miraculously be organized by the 15th (without me having to do it, of course).

I've been getting some practice in on Big Bernie (the Bernina).


Cushion Cover

Play quilt

Quite industrious if I say so myself! Bernie and I are slowly getting the hang of each other, as you can see.


  1. Look Up Tanny, don't look down and you will be right as rain!!

  2. Big Bernie going well. Only concern is more to pack!!!!

  3. Another man in your life, eh?!! Clearly you are getting along magnificently.

  4. I wondered where you were hiding!!! Sewing group is definitely not the same without you to keep us amused with rugby songs!!! :-(

    1. I'll definitely be there on Friday :-) Sorry I missed last week. Blame the Juicing!


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