Friday, June 8, 2012

She has Returned!

Hellloooo there! 

(This photo shamelessly stolen from my cousin, Stephen!)

Thought it was about time I started with the bloggy love again seeing it's been nearly three months since we made the big move back from Melbourne to NZ!

Can I just tell you that life is great?!

The kids are settled in school and I L.O.V.E that it's a little country school where life is a bit simpler and a love of community is instilled in them in all facets of school life, from the areas of study to the whole school activities. A big shout out to Oropi School! We love you!

They've also embraced the all-emcompassing love that most New Zealanders have for the game of Rugby. I am struggling to love the early morning games on Saturday in the cold and damp, but better get used to it!

I am doing a course and have a student ID!
 Jas is travelling a bit to and from Aus but hopefully that will settle down soon.

Soon this will be our view every morning (minus the orange digger!) What's not to like?! The beast of all retaining walls has gone up and hopefully we should be ready to build the actual house by the end of the year!

That's all for this installment. Sniff and I have just started another Around the World Quilting Bee so will get the sewing mojo back in full force soon

Tanya X


  1. Love that view - it looks familiar! I lived off Oropi Rd on Pukemapu for a wee time 10 years or so ago. Glad to hear you are settling back in NZ well, I always wonder when I will?? Love that picture quilt, I made one for my mum's 60th a couple of years ago.

    1. What a small world! Our auntie lives on Pukemapu Rd too on a kiwifruit orchard. Love this area. We're building on Ohauiti Rd, next ridge over. It's lovely being back - didn't think I'd settle this easily either!


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