Monday, July 9, 2012

Nina Love

For those of you that are in Australia, you will know that I could be referring to two possible things when I say "Nina"....the beautiful cat who I believe may be the daughter I never had or the slightly kooky woman from Offspring, a TV series.

From the first time I saw it, I admired her bed linen. I knew where the fabric came from, oh yes! Ink and Spindle are the Melbourne based goddesses of hand printed fabric.

But could I really be bothered working our how much I need, purchasing said amount and making a duvet cover? No I could not! Besides, with the amount of fabric which I already have stashed ready for future projects, I think my husband may have filed for divorce.

I found out who made the beautiful bed linen from off the telly though. It is the divine Ms. Olivia from Moochie Lou

So I ordered a little something to appease myself and it arrived a couple of weeks ago...

wrapped so beautifully....

with a little card to tell me how to wash it, which I will faithfully do for the first time, then forget...

...and now I have two of these absolutely gorgeous pillowcases to reign supreme on my bed, along with Nina the cat! (No dirty paw prints please!)

Olivia was so lovely. She covered the extra postage to New Zealand instead of charging me, she emailed to enquire whether it had arrived safely and said nice things about my blog. I like Olivia! 

Buy her stuff, peeps. 
It's fab, you'll be styley, 
win win!

Tanya X

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