Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Love Big Books and I Cannot Lie.... oh, and Chairs too...

...These two beauties arrived in the post this morn via the lovely amazon.com

Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman
The Shape Workshop for Quilters by the Fat Quarterly Team.

Cant wait to delve in to them and will never get there if I keep faffing about on this bloody machine!

And you may have been admiring the fabric in the background?! 

Here are the chairs I thrifted off the side of the road during our last summer in Australia, which were a cat-damaged, floral abomination! Thanks to my wonderfully creative friend, lovely Lisa at Vintage Influence who organized her upholsterer, her dad Al who touched up the wooden bits, and the extremely talented gals at Ink and Spindle who custom printed the fabric for me, I think they turned out fabulicious!

And here is the another one, that Lisa picked up off the side of the road and re-gifted to me! It now lives in Charlie's room, covered with red Echino cars and is a lovely comfy reading chair. Thanks once again to both Lisa and Al for all their help!!!

When I went over to Lisa's to pick up the chairs, I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with this old Singer sewing table that Al and Lisa had restored with a beautiful Blackwood top. Had to be mine! Here its is with my 'Girls' by in pride of place.

I have even more gorgeous things to blog about tomorrow...watch this space!

T x


  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous....Thanks for the shout out gorgeous girl. Can't wait to see them in situ.....New Zealand here I come

  2. The chairs certainly look a lot better than the last time I saw them!!!!!!!!! They look FAB!!
    Love the books!!

  3. I love the fabric on these chairs. It all sounds very hectic in your house at the moment. Hope it all clams down soon for you.


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