Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Fame

We have a slightly famous neighbour - that's if you follow the AFL, which we don't, really, that is until the little big man took up Auskick. He has become an ardent Hawks supporter. He even knows what "barack" means, previously a foreign and slightly sneered at Australian term.

We are from New Zealand, after all, where rugby is King and shall remain so for all eternity. Go, the Mighty Blacks! (I might add here that I am not a sports fan, as such. My husband is a huge sports fan, however. I tolerate this. He tolerates my overspending)

Anyway, back to said neighbour...I am in the bath, the doorbell rings. Dom says it is him from next door!
Alas, Alack, I must greet him in my dressing gown and Ugg boots!
He wants to borrow the kids to take photos for his new cooking with kids show.

Many photos were taken. Shirt was signed. Cooking utensils were wielded. Little Big Man got to cuddle up to his new hero - I'm surprised he didn't plant a kiss on his cheek! Littlest Man made himself at home on his couch.

Tv stardom beckons! I will become a "Stage Mom"! Let me know if autographs are required. I have Pay Pal (snort!)


  1. my little hawks barracker would be very impressed

  2. How exciting for the boys!
    I'm such a girl - I have no idea who he is.... hee hee

  3. Ok, who is he? I've no idea either, but I'm sure the boys were thrilled!

  4. Brad Sewell, Hawthorn player. All the AFL loving ladies in my street go weak at the knees at the sight of him...well, to be fair, he is quite a looker in the flesh...the little white hat doesn't do big things for him!


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