Saturday, May 22, 2010


 I dragged my littlest duck out of his cozy nest this morn so we could journey to the airport as Mr. Luv-a-Duck and big duckling are going on a soujourn to NZ for 4 days. I tried to persuade him that taking a taxi was better for all concerned (well, me...) but the guilt (and the thought of little duck's performance when he found out he's missed seeing the planes) overwhelmed me - the thought of a spiced chai latte at Villa and Hut may have helped too...

We are about to build a house over there. Our Dream House. On a hill, overlooking the sea and islands. We are having issues with the architect, though, hence the visit.

I don't really know if I want to leave Melbourne - whenever that day may be. I've made lots of friends here and I love this place. Kids seem to have so many opportunities here that are harder to come by in NZ. It's a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city. So many reasons to stay.

But man, I want that house. And that view. Every day. 

(Did I mention that there is a crafting room? It's pretty big. And it's all tucked away so it doesn't matter how much shite I leave lying all over the floor. All for me.)


  1. Oh yes, I would want that view too - its gorgeous!

  2. gosh- your building a house- from a different country- that sounds hard (and looks amazing)

  3. Mm..building a house from another country! I can't even get it together to build a kitchen right here.
    Sounds like a lovely house tho- that view would be inspiring!


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