Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stitches and Craft Loot and Pics

Went Wednesday with Little Man and two of my Crafty Gym Buddies, Tori and Sniff

Thanks for providing the best entertainment ever, Tania. He spent ages making the sandwiches then "eating" them (so if you had any dribbly, manky ones at the end, you know who to blame).

Bought the Ink and Spindle fabric for this...

and the trim for this...

Admired this...

On Saturday I had booked into the Ink and Spindle screen printing course, so went a bit earlier, of course, and bought this from Earthgirl....

and this from Pear Tree yarns....

and this from Crayon Chick.

and this was one of the tea towels I printed at the most excellent course! The other one was raindrops and an umbrella that I gave away to a friend that night at a baby shower.

Had such a good time! Thanks to all the team at Ink and Spindle and Lara from Harvest Textiles, who taught us.


  1. You are very scary - if I had bought that fabric to make a skirt it would still be sitting on the dining room table in its bag!!!!!!!!!


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