Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mum's birthday present

It is the year of the quilt when it comes to presents from me, it seems! Having made a quilt for my MIL, I thought it best to make one for my mum too, as her birthday is on Friday.

She's a big fan of red and black and I had bought at my first ever Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne (2008) a quilt kit featuring vintage kimono silk in a beautiful, vibrant red and black- (it is, co-incidentally, the strip of the local rugby team her and Dad support) I didn't have time to piece it according to the pattern, which wasn't really to my taste anymore, anyway, so just sewed the strips, added a border to the sides and Voila!

 It is wonky. The seams are less than straight. And there are puckers in the quilting.

The silk was hard to stop slipping even though I used lots of pins in the basting.

I don't think she'll mind.

Backed it with black quilter's flannel (never again - picks up every bit of thread and lint possible) and Amy Butler Lotus that I'd been saving but was the only thing even close to the right colour and size in my stash. All to a good cause! Appliqued in red silk.

I really like the way it turned out, even though it is not as perfect as it could be. Bit like me, really!

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