Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pincushion Parade

I've made a few pincushions in the past few weeks.
I quite like them, which surprises me...
.. I always thought they were a bit pointless!!

They're quick to do, cute and I love working with felt. 
Great way to use up your scraps.

This one was supposed to be for my little niece in NZ but in the last minute leaving confusion, the Drake thought both the pear and the elephant were pincushions and the elephant was for my MIL. 
Pretty bloody big and way too cute to be a pincushion, methinks! 
And she only sews a few buttons on and fixes a hem here and there so a bit wasted on her to be honest! 
Luckily she's lovely and the niece has soft toys, aplenty.
It's Eli Elephant from Two Little Banshees.

Now I've entered a pincushion swap and we had to do a flickr mosaic of the ones we like. My god! It's opened up a whole new pincushiony world to me!!!

As inspired as I was I decided to create
 Ludwig the Ladybird! 

He's not quite (translation: millions of miles away from being)
to the Mushroom House standard...but I like 'im!

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  1. Thise little pears are just lovely - fab colour combo!


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