Monday, June 28, 2010

School Hols

We're swimming every day this week - well, when I say "we", I mean the boysies. I am just the driver and cheerleader. Swimming intensives are part of our holiday activity schedule now. They get us out of the house and out of our pj's. We would pretty much spend the whole week lazing about if it wasn't for the swimming. Then I'd get the guilts about not taking them to the Aquarium, or the Museum, or Scienceworks because I can't be arsed with the school holiday crowds. I can now let myself off the hook by getting them out of the house, at least!!

Next week we're off to Cairns! Oh, happy day! Warm weather! Pools! My lovely friend, Lucimar who has two wonderful daughters who will want to play with the boys all week!

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