Thursday, August 11, 2011

The joys of Grandparents.

My in-laws are staying with us at the moment. They've settled into the swing of our lives, like they always do, which makes them such a joy to have here.

The kids were uber-excited to be picked up from school and kinder. So lovely to see the beaming little faces when they saw their beloved Grandma and Grandad! They've joined in the school drop off and pick ups and all the ensuing activities in between, plus all the at home ones - stories, doing the reader, bath etc. It's sooooo nice to have an extra couple of pairs of hands around the place at dinner time, when there are dishes in the sink and washing to fold. And it's really nice to have someone to talk to when the kids aren't about too, for a change!

I feel very lucky to get on with my in-laws, I know many (or is it most?) people don't. I wonder why that is. Who knows? I'm off to sit by the fire (that I didn't have to light) and chat!!

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  1. I actually get along better with my in-laws than my own parents now that I am older and have my own kids. Go figure.


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