Friday, December 9, 2011

I've been a very good girl.... Santa, will you please bring me one of these little beauties?!

Foolishly, I went into the Sewing centre for some white thread. I was thinking of an upgrade to a machine that so I could do my larger size quilts instead of having to send them off to be quilted. I was looking at a larger Janome but I was lured by her Swiss charms (and the Stitch Regulator) She costs an awful lot of money, even on sale. Sigh.


  1. Not sure this will do the trick!! Just go the long arm quilting machine and get it over and done with!!!!!

  2. Where, pray tell, will I put it?! Craft room is a while away and I don't think I can fit another stick of furniture into the sewing room/office/pit of despair!!!


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