Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Snippets

What did Sunday bring for me? I nice lie in with the little lads, watching silly movies in bed, eggs, bacon, avo and chorizo for breaky, plus a great big cappuccino, then...

 ...did a bit more quilting on the cot quilt I started a few months back,...

...then realized I needed to make these 8 placemats in a hurry...,
 ...had trouble choosing the binding

...was required to view the lads playing Xbox, so did a bit of hand-quilting...

...made these for Meg in the Beehive bee.

I then went to Target to get the NZ Christmas pressies. I also got a few items of the undie variety, and a most (un)attractive "foundation" undergarment. As I was called forth from the queue, I realized, to my horror, that the young man on the till was my friend Lisa's teenage son. I hope that he will remember me for the lovely cake he ate last week that I baked, not my granny undies!!

Is it any wonder that I had to buy these at the supermarket to placate myself?
A bit of Tangy Bliss is all you need sometimes!


  1. As long as the cakes keep coming 'What happens in target, stays in target' Xxxxxx


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