Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things for little folk.

I have a friend with a little newborn son, and have been busy trying to finish the quilt started for him 9 months or so ago!! I finished it and delivered it yesterday afternoon, but the weather was so horrid that I couldn't take a photo!

Dom's favourite toy from babyhood has been "Pigly". We bought it when we found I was pregnant - one of those lovely soft things you can't resist when the hormones are rushing about.
Charlie's favourite is "Snugs", a square of soft chenille with satin and grosgrain ribbon tags attached to the sides. I bought it when he was a baby from ELC in Chadstone and it cost around $40. 
Now, to be fair, the ribbons are all custom made and there is appliqué and they are actually called "Taggies"

I decided to have a burl at making some "Snugs" of my own

This is my first take on it. She wanted a New Zealand theme seeing the poor little bugger will be inundated with all things Ocker all his life (sorry, lovely Australian friends, we love you and your beautiful country, but there is so much green and gold)
 This one has a Rainbow Theme

They make pretty nice gifts for a baby and are dead simple and cheap to make.

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  1. Can't believe after all that work there is no photo because it looked FABULOUS!!!!! I do like Piglet too though!!


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