Sunday, May 15, 2011

Extended Holiday over!

 God, it's been ages since I blogged! Now I have one in Grade 1 and one in 4 yr old Kinder, 2 full days to myself and thought it was about time I did a bit more crafting and a bit more Blogging.

Here's what I've been up to in the mean time...

Dom turned 6 in August - party at Sofia restaurant, his favourite. Very grown up! 
Star Wars ice-cream cake.

We took a week out to go skiing in Wanaka, New Zealand. Kids both in ski school, Charlie for the first time. Great holiday!!

 Charlie turned 4 in October - Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter himself came along! As it was made quite clear that I was required to dress up, I made McGonagall robes for myself that involved 4m of Green crushed velvet!

Quilt for Dom's Prep English teacher in December. 

Placemats for Dom's Prep French teacher in December.

 Back to NZ for my cousin Anna's wedding in January. Here are my parents!

 Fun in the apres-pool spa at Sarndra's, Auckland

In the jaws of the Great White! Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World, Auckland

Catch up with Cousin Ladene

Kinder quilt for Charlie's rest time. All the kinder groups had to be represented, not just his own Frogs group!
 Cot quilt for baby Lexi. When Dom found out Roxy was pregnant he gasped and said, "Roxy! Three kids! It's a dream come true!", hence the caption!

Back into the Beehive again.

We've now moved house too. Great spot, very safe and sewing area downstairs! 

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  1. Welcome back from your blogging holiday! Love the McGonagall robes, placements and gorgeous quilts. But the best photo is definitely the apres-pool spa - how cute!!


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