Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not the terrible twos but...

My youngest child is undoubtedly charming and cute as a button. Shopkeepers give him free samples (one memorable moment at Queen Vic market with an oyster springs to mind ) and people smile indulgently at him.

The other day in Spotlight the lady at the fabric counter made some comment about what a nice little boy he was. "Do you think I'm beautiful?" he asks her while gazing into her eyes. "Yes, your very beautiful!", she exclaimed. "Is it my curls?", he asks winsomely with a little curved smile on his face, prompted cooing from all the ladies in the line. I roll my eyes but am secretly proud!

However, turning four bought a change in behaviour that I never experienced with my eldest  darling. He can turn from angel to feral in the drop of a hat. I had heard there is a testostorone surge at four and by god, it's surging in him!

Last night he was an angel until the last 15 minutes before bed when he turned into the antichrist. It's like he's got no control over what he's doing! Bedlam, then peace when he calmed down, having decided he'd better behave if he wanted any story at all, and sat in for the last 5 minutes.

The "Terrible Twos" were a little bit of an issue but the "F*&#$n Fours" are doing my head in!

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