Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too much to do.....

After wondering earlier this week what sewing project I was going start which of the fifty unfinished projects I was going to complete, I am suddenly innnondated with things to do...with deadlines.

Charlie's little friend, whom I call Pretty Chloe, is having her birthday party on Saturday week. When I saw her Mum in the toy shop, I offered to make her a dress instead of opting for the My Little Pony. (Swift self-kick in the shin)

Kinder quilt for the trivia night. 24 little pictures to be drawn by 24 little kinder kiddies, printed onto printable fabric, choose, purchase remaining quilt fabric, cut, piece, baste, quilt, bind. (Big job, dreading it)

I've just signed up for Placemat Quilt Swap Round 6 which I adore doing and am looking forward to. I am going to have to make myself not start these until I've finished the dress though.

So, the plan of attack is...

1) make dress today after the gym (no fruiting around the cafes and shops afterwards wasting time)

2) placemats on the weekend

3) start kinder quilt drawings next week. Delegate the fabric buying.

Oh God! Have just remembered I have to plant the vege garden (only a little one) before the seedlings I bought 3 weeks ago have to be binned. This actually means I also have to pull up all the weeds and spread 3 bags of compost too...  (strangled "gah!" sound emerges from mouth)

Maybe all this activity will help me stop thinking about all the food I'm not supposed to be eating as my evil torturer trainer, Miranda is making me do a detox, starting today.

Hope Jason and the kids survive!

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  1. And have those poor wee seedlings been planted yet???


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