Friday, May 20, 2011

Inferno Starblast Attack!

The biggest little boy is not 100%. Big vom in bed about 11.30pm. Neaty. Just when I'd caught up with all the washing I have a vomiter and a piddler in one night.

Day home from school today as has wicked cough as well. Now ensconced on couch with little brother, enraptured in Beyblade Metal Fusion, Beyblade in hand, ready to battle when the mood takes him.

Beyblades are the bane of my life. Basically a spinning top with interchangeable parts, they are the merchandise from a Japanese Anime TV series. God knows how many they've lost, ruddy things are small and adept at hiding under the fridge and suchlike. You collect them, then swap the parts around, if you fancy, to supposedly make your bey more powerful.

My children are not quiet ones that read and colour in. They are enthusiastic and animated action men! I have to banish the beyblades outside when battle commences (they have a plastic stadium to battle in - the bey that spins the longest wins) as the noise of them declaring their intent to Inferno Starblast Attack! or Upside Down Awesomeness! is enough to make me consume an entire bottle of vodka at one sitting.

There is a character on the show called Benkei who has the most annoying voice known to man (even more annoying than Dora The Explorer, and that's saying something)

But there's something strangely compelling about them. I quite like knowing all their strange little zodiac-based names and the show is all about values and morals so it's not a bad watch for the smalls.

Better than Ben 10 (had to stop them watching it as they kept fighting each other) but not as good as Shaun the Sheep (classic viewing for all!)

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