Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to School/Kinder - Blogtoberfest Day 10

God, it's hard yakka on the first day back after the holidays! Kids and self to get organized and out the door, lunches to make, Charlie did the usual and slept in, so had to wake him up just after 8 and shovel food in, arguments with Dom about getting dressed before the telly goes on and taking thine own crap upstairs, not leaving it for Mummy to do later. And all while my significant other slumbers in bed! The Joy! You can imagine my mood by 8.40! Very tweezer-lipped!!

But I've been having some lovely lie-ins and some very lazy days. The boys and I had a very relaxing holiday on the whole.

But it's kind of nice to back into the old routine again. Less time to sit about and eat!

Kids are eating their dinner now and soon will be in bed. I plan to take a nice long bath and sew the binding (finally) on Charlie's new quilt.

Went into the city today to Cake Deco to get prepared for the Cake Pops I'm making for Charlie and his buddy Lou's Kew Traffic School party on Thursday.

 I'm making them fairly simple - you can get some pretty amazing results if you know how, but this is my first time. Will post numerous photos, post party.

Happy Monday ! X

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